Ombre Nail, Gel Nail, Shellac Nail & Dipping Gel Nail System

Shellac/Gel nails:

Shellac/Gel nails are part of a more homogenous gel product that needs to be “cured” or “sealed” onto the nail with the use of a UV light between each layer, Shellac/Gel can actually be used to strengthen the natural nail and helps protect it as it grows. However, Shellac/Gel nails may be a more practical choice for people who use their hands quite a bit. 

SNS Nails-Dipping Powder:

SNS Nails – Dipping Powder is actually a brand of dip powder are made with a powder and glue. Dipping Powder is the latest trend in nails due to the following factors:
HEALTHY: SNS bases are formulated to build the health and strength of the natural nail.
ODORLESS: There’s virtually no odour.
FAST: Drying is instant- no UV light is required.
FLEXIBLE & STRONG: The resulting nail is both flexible and strong, so it combines the best of acrylics and of gels.
LIGHTWEIGHT: The nail feels light and natural, and yet it’s strong enough to use for those demanding chores.
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