BIAB is Builder In A Bottle, also referred to as ‘Builder Gels or Hard Gels’ ideal for creating strong overlays and as a strengthening barrier for natural nails.

Why you would choose BIAB ???

  • If you don’t like Acrylic Nails or some workplaces not allow Acrylic nails and find that Shellac/Gel Nails don’t last very well and chip easy ( BIAB Nails will last 2-4 weeks normally)
  • Who struggle to grow their nails as your nails are short and brittle, weak or especially nail bitter. The strength of the BIAB will help to grow your own natural nails.
  • Natural looking- Flexible & Strong -Dry instant- Lightweight.
  • You can have an infill done about every 3 weeks instead of soaking off and replace as Shellac/Gels Nails.
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